SurgePlus - schedule, file and photo sharing
Calendar Help

SurgePlus Calendar is a great planning tool. Set reminder messages for appointments and work deadlines. Since SurgePlus Calendar automatically stores information on your email server, you can access your schedule from any computer you use. Optionally share your entire calendar or just particular events with other users.

Event Sharing
There are 2 types calendar event sharing in SurgePlus - single event sharing and entire calendar sharing. For both types of sharing, both the user who is sharing the event and the user who can see the event must both be in each others address books. Calendar events can only be shared with other users on the same email server.

  1. Single Event Sharing - This is where a user shares an event so that it appears mixed in with the calendar of other users.
  2. Entire Calendar Sharing - This is where a user shares their entire calendar with other users. Events shared in this way are not automatically displayed mixed in with the other users calendar events. Rather, they have to select the other user on the "List" page in the web interface, or from the menu View/Entire calendar for/... option in the Windows client interface. Users in your address book that have shared their entire calendar with you will automatically be listed in the menu or list page.