SurgePlus - schedule, file and photo sharing
File Sharing Help

Using your email quota you can share files by uploading them and then giving people access to the links. Use this to
  1. Make your digitial photos available on the web
  2. Create web pages without having a web site
  3. Make files available to other users
  4. Have the contents of a particular folder on your computer automatically synchronized and available on any computer you use. This option is only available when using the Windows client download.

How does SurgePlus file sharing work?
SurgePlus shares files by uploading each file you share to your email server. The file is then available to everyone else through a web browser, or you can choose to make files private which means only you are able to download the file. You can use this second option to automatically synchronize files or make files available only to you on any computer that you use SurgePlus on.